Our Dreams are Nurtured at Bodhi Vidhyalaya

MIT Bodhi Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School offers curriculum within a framework of well researched Indian and International pedagogies that emphasize experiential learning.

Our students are provided opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities that spark innate talents and discover new ones. We encourage real clear sense of themselves as well as a sense of belonging both within the society around them and with the world at large.

Children have to be educated. But they also have to be left to educate themselves. Children are the world’s most valuable resource and it’s best hope for the future. We cannot make children study, we can only guide them. This is the main motto followed in our vidhyalaya, so that children enjoy their learning.

At MIT Bodhi Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School, we not only ensure academic excellence but our team also works towards overall development of the kid. We ensure proper physical, psychological, social and cultural growth of the student by inculcating good habits and healthy mind set. The quality and quantity that students imbibe from our vidhyalaya is not only reflected in their grades, but also shows in their self confidence that is reflected throughout their lives. All this is possible only because of highly qualified faculty which is backed up by amazing curriculum of international standards.

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Why MIT Bodhi Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School?

We offer the Best Education for your Children

Holistic Approach

Equal emphasis is placed on academic excellence and the social, physical, and emotional...

21st Century Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure spread over 3 acres is designed on the principles of ...

Rich Curriculum

Based on the education philosophy, Bodhi Vidhyalaya offers a unique curriculum which comprises...

Community Engagement

Starting in the middle years, Bodhi Vidhyalaya students actively engage with the local community...

MIT Bodhi Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School

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We have three type of curriculum

Admission Procedure

Admission to the various courses offered by this institution are specific to the programme and details can be found under each specific programme.

Facilities and Features

The school campus reflects many of our priorities and values – responsible use of the environment, a culture of innovation, skillful use of technology, and aesthetically designed physical spaces

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